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our first trip

From August 2009 until August 2010, we travelled from Liverpool in the UK, through 23 countries on an epic 12 month journey around the world. Our aim was simple; to travel overland as much as possible and see, experience and learn as much as we could.

Living the dream. Thailand 2010
Living the dream. Thailand 2010

The trip began with a three month South American adventure, starting in Rio de Janeiro and travelling west into the vast Pantanal wetlands before crossing into Argentina at the epic Iguazu falls. Crossing the northern plains of Argentina, we then turned north and climbed steadily into the Andes and Bolivia, traversing across Lake Titicaca and the salt flats before hitting La Paz. Next was a 30 day stint in Peru which saw us hike the Inca trail, watch giant condors rise out of canyons, visit the bizarre Nazca lines, travel to the heart of the Amazon rainforest and live in the dense rainforest with monkeys as companions, plus much more.

We hitched a ride into Ecuador where we stayed with Shuar Indians in the Jungle before heading back to Buenos Aires for some fine dining and football. Then we headed into Australasia, spending a month in both New Zealand and Australia, driving from North to South in the North island of New Zealand and circling the South Island, climbing glaciers and enjoying stunning landscapes. In Australia, we drove the entire length of the East coast from Melbourne to Cairns before flying to Uluru and then Perth, which was the perfect exit point to get us into Hong Kong. We landed in Hong Kong just in time for Chinese New Year before flying into India for a unbelievable ten week journey which saw us circumnavigate the entire country by train – a real highlight!

Following our incredible journey around India, we were subjected to a ‘reverse culture shock’ when we landed in Singapore, and from there we navigated our way all the way back to Germany entirely overland, experiencing the delights of Malaysia, the dizzying beaches of Thailand, a journey back in time in Burma, laid back Laos, the temples of Cambodia and energetic Vietnam. From Hanoi we took the train north into China travelling by train from south to north through rice terraces into modern Shanghai and smoke filled Beijing, from there we took the Trans Mongolian railway via Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, spent four days on a train travelling through Russia until we hit Moscow. The final leg of the journey passed through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and finally into Germany, before flying back to Liverpool in the UK.

We wrote about the entire trip and our experiences in our yellownblue blog – initially written as a diary to let our friends and families know how we were and what we were doing, the blog has hundreds of pictures and gives a personal insight into our daily lives, schedules and what life is really like on the road.

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