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Swimming with whale sharks

During our three week tour of the Philippines back in October 2012, we had the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in one of the more remote, ‘off the beaten track’ kind of places, and so we thought it was an opportunity we just had to take. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s not everyday that you get to swim with the world’s biggest fish, is it.

However, following our brief encounter with these majestic beasts we found ourselves asking: Was it worth it, and more importantly, is it right?

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Sleeping in a Ship Haus! How making decisions on the spot can be the best.

We very often have quite specific plans set out for short trips, when we know that time is going to be limited at our destination. Therefore it’s important to know in advance what you want to see, do and experience and maybe even where you’re going to stay, as this can take a lot of stress out of any trip. Putting in some good research before your trip can really help to enrich any travel experience. But sometimes, the best travel experiences can come from the most unexpected, unplanned moments!

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Aliens, Beaches and Chocolate on the island of Bohol.

According to the official tourist website, the island of Bohol in the Philippines isĀ ‘God’s little paradise’, and we don’t think they’re far wrong. With a lush green interior, amazing shoreline, great diving on Panglao island, action and adventure sports, resorts catering for all budgets, plus the smallest and cutest primates on earth, it certainly appeals to most travellers’ needs. We spent three days there discovering all that God was able to deliver. He didn’t do a bad job.

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