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Java’s cultural heartland – Yogyakarta

Arriving close to midnight in Yogyakarta on one of the busiest days of the year to find almost every hotel full, wasn’t something we were expecting as we finally collapsed into bed – exhausted. It had been a long journey from Surabaya and so the VIP room (the only room left in town), was a little expensive, but also very welcome for two weary travellers. In the days that followed, we found some of Indonesia’s most special cultural delights, plus a few of its worst too.

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Lombok to Flores by boat & Komodo Dragons

We love to travel overland (or sea) as often as possible, as we believe that the journey can be just as adventurous, if not more, than the destination itself, and the four day Kencana adventure tour from Lombok to Flores is certainly a great way to travel east in Indonesia. And what better reward after those four long days, than to land on a modern day ‘Jurassic Park’ where man-eating dragons roam.

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