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Riding a motorbike in Thailand

When we arrived in Thailand in May 2012 we had very little experience of riding motorbikes, but when we got to Chiang Mai, one of Thailand’s largest cities, we quickly realised that the only way to get around the city and surrounding areas quickly and cheaply, would mean renting a bike of our own, joining the masses and learning to ride it properly or forever be at the mercy of Tuk-Tuk and Song Taos.

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Friendly little planet

Have you ever been in a foreign country, in a potentially dangerous or terrible situation in which all hope seems lost, and then, through the goodwill of a complete stranger everything has turned out okay?

We have, and we’re quite sure that many other people who travel have too, which has lead us to believe that most people in the world today are good honest people. Having this belief allows us to travel with more courage, have more faith in others and has changed the way we feel about the world. It’s just that ‘good news stories’ never seem to get told, but if they did, perhaps we’d all have a better view of our Big Little Planet.

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Hiking Doi Chiang Dao

Hiking up Doi Chiang Dao in northern Thailand was to be our last little treat in the region as we bid farewell to what had been our home for the last nine months. Part of the Pha Daeng National Park in Chiang Mai province, Doi Chiang Dao is Thailand’s highest limestone peak, standing at 2225 meters above sea-level, and despite what some information may lead you to believe, it’s an accessible and simple hike to organise yourself.

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